Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alkalescent food makes a woman more tender

We know that the human body in normal circumstances, blood alkaline; if Yongnaoguodu or exhausted after the blood acidic; if long-term partial eclipse of acidic foods, but also make the blood acidic. The long-term acidic blood causes brain and nerve function is degraded, leading to memory loss. Nourishing way is to eat alkaline food, eat acidic foods.
Rough skin often makes a woman a headache upset. To have a "silk" like skin, in addition to daily maintenance care, we must pay attention to diet with meat and vegetables, acid-base balance. Physiology and more basic food intake, make the skin more smooth and beautiful, improving rough skin conditions.
PH value of the human body in health status should be 7.3-7.4, weakly alkaline. Diet eat grains, fish, poultry eggs are acidic foods. Acidic foods cause the body and blood lactic acid, uric acid levels increased. Excreted organic acid can not be timely, it will erode the sensitive skin cells, so delicate and the skin loses elasticity, becomes rough dark.
Food, "pH" will affect the body and skin fitness. Eat more alkaline foods, you can keep the blood weakly alkaline, making the blood lactic acid, urea and other acidic substances to reduce and prevent the wall of their deposition, delicate skin and restore elasticity, becomes very smooth.

The five reasons why woman must eat apple

Apple is a healthy nutrition of fruit, do not think many people would deny that, but Apple has many benefits for women, believe that women themselves say that the number of reasons. In fact, Apple can make women's health but also good to help women guard against cancer and the prevention of obesity in the gateway. Do not believe me? Tell you must know the five reasons.
Obese women not only affect their daily work, life and beauty, but also easy to suffer from cancer. A Japanese research team of 15,054 cases of adult women for as long as 9 years of follow-up survey found 668 cases of women eventually cancer.
Apple contains elements can enhance the bone mineral boron and manganese. An American study found that boron can greatly increase the blood estrogen levels and other compounds, these substances can be effective in preventing calcium loss.
The health benefits of apples, is the patron saint of women's health. Apple is best eaten with skin, as compared with the apple flesh, apple high content of flavonoids, antioxidant
Apple is rich in folic acid, folic acid is the main component of vitamin B, which helps prevent heart disease.
70% of the disease occurs in women who acidic, while Apple is alkaline food, eat apples too quickly in the body of acidic substances (including the movement of acid and fish, meat, eggs and other acidic foods produced in the body acidic metabolites), increased physical strength and resistance to disease.

Woman should detoxification from a breakfast

Festival will be a lot of fat on a woman around, those beauty-conscious women how to tolerate such a phenomenon has been in existence? Not they will try every way to lose weight to restore the original figure, but how fast lose weight? Is called "the spring and your day is the morning", so the woman began to detoxification should also be breakfast, just eat well every day detoxification described below breakfast, cleared toxins, have a healthy beautiful skin just around the corner!
MM designed the following to give you a detoxification Breakfast - Asparagus seaweed sandwiches, first talk about the use of raw materials:
1 cabbage leaves: eating cabbage leaves, in addition to a large number from the intake of calcium, vitamin D outside, but also intake of vitamin K, foods that nutritionists, vitamin K on bone has a strong protective effect of regular consumption of a diuretic row toxicity and other effects.
2, Asparagus: contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements in quality than ordinary vegetables, is a detoxification share.
3, Seaweed: not only the children can eat - protein, minerals and vitamins is extremely rich, known as "Vitamin library." And you can eat more iodine to enhance the body metabolism.

Woman should wear comfortable and health underwear

Exquisite curves of the body that every woman want to have, but it is precisely the function of underwear for women to achieve the dream. The underwear is a good body shape and health concerns of women, I believe that ladies are recognized. Therefore, women's underwear in the following tips to keep in mind.
In daily life, lingerie is lingerie clothing, and also closely related to women's health. Bra as a guardian to protect vulnerable breasts, do not pay attention if worn, will be the incentive for breast cancer, unknowingly threatens our breasts.
If you ignore this, consider only the appearance of beautiful lingerie, then it will slowly erode your original outstanding figure. To know not only the need to meet the body underwear, but also tie in with the coat on different occasions. If you can coat with the design, fabrics and wearing the season, occasion and other selected underwear to better reflect the wearer's taste and cultivation. Cool demon took vastly different body design for the function of different women's underwear, there is all-inclusive, oblique-inclusive, semi-inclusive, or is asked lining, lining, and so care-free, and some care lining wire will be used and the length of the separation of different width to allow more fluid curves of breasts, more upright and fully bring out the infinite charm of women.

Often wipe off dead skin will make the skin more dry

Women's Health of the seven taboo lifestyle tips, daily bad habits will become a little damage to healthy beauty, "killers", seemingly silent, but over time, must tackle the backlog, so that you no longer beautiful.
Zhang Guangjie has a beautiful face is something every girl dream of, once the swelling or boil a long face, acne, and many girls like to go to Jinie. In fact, do not Jinie than the more damaging of the face, and sometimes cause the spread of inflammation, the formation of large swollen boils or abscesses more difficult to eliminate.
Some girls like "people do not make pretty makeup," his face all day long as a cosmetic to the "experimental field", Cream Day Cream Night Cream make-up wipe away at the skin all day without a break opportunity. Secretion and excretion function of the skin severely affected, naturally easy Zhangdou raw spots.
Many women especially love clean, wash your face fear of wash clean, so hard with a towel and rub face. But it is easy to cause skin damage, caused by bacterial infection and then again, this towel in the absence of disinfection treatment of the case more easily. In addition, the face is also easy to make hard rubbing rough dry skin becomes loose and wrinkles.

Do you know what is deputy milk?

Furu brought from the womb. In the sixth week of human embryos, embryos with only a little more than 1 cm, its trunk the ventral sides of the formation of thickened ectodermal ridge cell, which is equivalent to the groin, armpit arc connection, these two ridges protrusions called raw milk line, line, there are many breast primordial.
Since people generally only one child or twins birth, not many breast, so only the chest of a primordial continued development of breast, nipple bud formation. Three months to the embryo, the formation of breast duct. Origin of the rest of the breast usually subside gradually after the ninth week embryo. Such as degradation was incomplete, the formation of excess in the breast after birth, medicine is called Furu or breast disease.
Furu formation in addition may be the result of not fully degraded, the Furu may be the result of external deformation makes the breast. Because long-term wearing inappropriate or too tight underwear coat, will result in the oppression of the chest. Sharpened like a tight shirt, or wearing a small, poor coating of underwear, the original will is easily fleshy chest and pushing back, so the formation of Furu.

Female drink soya-bean milk is the most nourish skin in winter and autumn

Into pulp, then boil. This is ideal for women to drink milk, made with black hair care, skin beauty, nourishing the liver and kidney, nourishing Tongru role.
Longevity five bean milk. Soybeans, black beans, green beans, peas, peanuts 3:1:1:1:1 ratio by five kinds of beans with a good, soaked 6-12 hours after the wash, along with the amount of water to boil drinking after beating . This milk is rich in nutrients, the long-term drinking can lower cholesterol levels, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, certain therapeutic effect, but also has flat liver and kidney, anti-old age cancer, lowering blood glucose, enhance immunity and so on, very suitable for the elderly to drink.
Dates wolfberry milk. 45 grams of soy will soak 6-12 hours, 15 grams of washed red dates to the core, 10 grams of wolfberry washed by adding soybean milk together, add cooked after the water slurry can be labeled. A tonic Qi, soothe the nerves and kidney, improve myocardial nutritional effect, suitable for drinking in patients with cardiovascular disease.
Peanut milk. Made from the soybeans and peanuts, with blood and Qi, Yin and the role of lungs for physically weak and thin, the person recovering from illness